Thursday, June 30, 2016

6/29-30 -- Fly To Johannesburg

Made it! We left SFO at 11:30am Wednesday and arrived on time in Johannesburg at 5:50pm the next day. 5 hours to fly to Atlanta, 15 from there to here -- probably the longest single flight we have taken and odd because the plane kept the lights out for at least 12 of those hours in the air. When we landed, the sun was setting, and it played havoc with sleeping. I figured we would sleep soundly due to the impossibility of really SLEEPING (vs. napping) on the plane, but after 2.5 hours of good sleep last night, I was wide awake.

The time here is 9  hours ahead of San Francisco and I think Kenya (2nd half of trip) is 10 hours ahead. Today we fly/drive to Thornybush Private Game Reserve for three days of game drives -- it is possible they have internet access so maybe I can post animal photos soon!!