Saturday, March 25, 2017

Coming to a Screen Near You Soon

Our next jaunt will be to Sikkim, a relatively new province of India on its northeast border, and Bhutan, the only country that measures itself with a Gross National Happiness scale. Both are at the edge of the  Himalayas, so we will be at higher altitudes than usual.

We are hoping to be able to update the blog regularly, but the latest rule on not taking electronics in our carryons has thrown a wrinkle in our plan. We are flying Emirates thru Dubai on the way home and everything but cellphone has to be in checked luggage. The trip itself requires the use of duffle bags (vs. hard shell cases) and I am reluctant to put our travel laptop in a bag that can be easily defeated. It is bad enough that I will have to risk a tablet and e-reader there.  So maybe only words when we travel and pictures when we get home plus whatever I can post on Facebook. (The tablet does words but defeated my previous efforts at photos.)