Thursday, December 8, 2016

12/7-8 -- Travel to Tuscany

We embarked on our next big trip, flying out of San Francisco Wednesday, arriving in Lucca (about an hour from Florence) in Tuscany today. We will be visiting 4 locations in Tuscany and Umbria over the next two weeks and ending up with 3 days in Rome. While we have traveled to Italy before, we have never been to these areas and are really looking forward to it.

This evening, we got our first introduction to Lucca and met the rest of our group, went to an informal dinner at a local restaurant, then retired early to make up for the challenge of sleeping on the plane. I actually dreamed -- about flying -- but I think Jim only rested.

Entry Gate to  Lucca -- this is actually an interior
gate. Our hotel is inside the wall, but outside this
gate. Tomorrow we learn why.

Narrow streets decorated for Christmas in the
old town. Very busy tonight because the 8th is
an Italian religious holiday.

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  1. Must be so nice to be there at xmas time. It's such a different feeling being in those countries during the holidays